7 Star Electric is an Albuquerque Electrical contractor that cares about the quality of the product you receive as a
customer. We're not comfortable just throwing something together that you won't be happy with. We live on our
reputation, and that's why we have a long list of satisfied customers in the Albuquerque Electricians market.
Whether you are a home owner, a contractor, or a building professional, we look forward to offering you a
professional electrician for whatever your situation might be. 7 Star Electric - "Service You Can Trust!
Need Service? Well, you just found the right electric company in Albuquerque ! My name is
Mike Bell; I'm the owner of 7 Star Electric. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to give
you a superior product.  Just give us a call at the number below. I work in the field,
I still play an integral part in most of the projects that we undertake; I like it
that way. When you need an electrician in Albuquerque, look to 7 Star Electric for your
electrical solution. If for some reason I can't take your call, I'm probably working with
something that can shock me, or maybe even digging a ditch. Just send me an email by
clicking the link below, or please feel free to use the feedback form. I have email on my phone,
so if you are sending an email, state your concern, or the problem(s) you might be
experiencing; describe your project, and I'll get back to you soon with one of our Albuquerque
Electricians. Thanks.

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Mike Bell / Owner
7 Star Electric
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Commercial Build
Office and Tenant
Service Upgrades
of all types
Hot Tub Hook-Ups
Ballast Replacement
Three Phase
Service Upgrades
All 220 Appliances
Ceiling Fans
Lighting Installation
100/200 Amp
Breaker Box
Surge Arrestor
Temporary Power
Hook-up (Temp
Contracts and
Aluminum Wiring
Microwave Circuits
Service & Lots
      Now Installing Solar
Albuquerque Electrician --  This is the only three phase residential service you'll see in Albuquerque, and we did it!
When you need an electrical expert, don't waste your time or your money on a
handyman; choose a professional, Albuquerque Electrical Contractor, 7 Star Electric, in
Albuquerque,  NM. We go the extra mile to make sure that you get quality, professional
electrical service, every time.
Here is the Only Three Phase
Residential Service in ABQ.
7 Star Electric
Electrical Contractors Albuquerque - Best Albuquerque Electricians - 7 Star Electric !
It's never been more affordable to upgrade your existing Electrical Box !
We do a lot more than just electrical ! Converting Your Swamp Cooler to Refrigerated Air is more affordable than you might than you think !
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